Karibu Fumba Superstore!

Fumba Superstore is the premier online supermarket & retail store in Zanzibar providing the first fully automated shopping experience on the island.

Fumba Superstore is operated by TZ Digital Company Ltd.

We aim to provide the freshest produce possible, at the click of a button at fair affordable prices.

The fresh produce is sourced locally, meaning you can trust that your fruits and vegetables are fresh and you are supporting local Zanzibari farmers and market vendors when buying.

All produce is carefully hand-picked daily for delivery we do not store products for days before delivery.

We operate a pick and drop service we do not own any produce or products.

We offer our customers the very best value, saving you time and money on your everyday necessities.

Browse today and enjoy your new shopping experience. 

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Our Partners

Some of the local brands we work with in Zanzibar & Tanzania


Puzzle Coffee Shop

Speciality Coffee

Bora Bakery

Fresh Sourdough Bread

Eat Zanzibar

Locally made delicious dishes


Handmade Jewellery
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