Jul 14 , 2022

Fumba Superstore

Advertise With Fumba Superstore

You can now advertise your Business, Products or Services with Fumba Superstore.

Adverts are subject to quality standards; they must be designed to set dimensions to properly display to desktop and mobile users, all designs must be presented in JPG or PNG format.

Desktop Dimensions: Width= 1920 x Height =642

Mobile Dimensions: Width= 767 x Height =750

Should you require support with creatives we can support at an additional fee.

Pricing starts from TZS 100,000 per banner per month with additional fees for call to actions linking to internal/external pages (For example a link on our website giving more information about your business, product, or service, a link to your website or social media and WhatsApp Chat)

Get in touch via email info@fumba.store or reach out to us via WhatsApp to discuss your personalised solution.