Polar Recovery Tub/Portable Ice Bath for Cold Water Therapy Training/An Ice BathTub for Athletes - Adult Spa for Ice Baths and Soaking - Outdoor Cold Plunge Tub (Black)

395,000.00 TZS


Brand: Polar Recovery

Color: Black


  • 💪 REDUCE INFLAMMATION– By mitigating inflammation and delaying the onset of muscle pain, our cold water therapy tubs become the ideal way to speed up your recovery process. Optimize your performance and improve your healing with our premium ice recovery tubs.
  • ❄️ FREE PROTECTIVE COVER - Included with every order, we provide a FREE protective cover to make maintenance even easier! Preventing bugs, leaves, and other debris from falling into your water, you can enjoy faster recovery with even less effort!
  • 🔨 SUPERIOR QUALITY AND DESIGN- Unlike inflatable tubs that pop or cheap, thin water tanks that require daily maintenance, our portable ice baths are built with the highest quality materials available. Built to withstand even the harshest winter elements, our recovery ice baths will last for years to come.
  • ✨ EASY TO MAINTAIN – Our tubs are ultra-easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. We recommend changing the water every 10 days or as preferred. To drain the water tank, simply turn the tap and unplug the Easy Flow Drainage System at the bottom of the tub. Simply rinse the tub out and replace the water! Water cleanliness can also be maintained with water stabilizers or UV purifier.
  • 📏 LARGER SIZE - Measuring 80 cm (diameter) X 70 cm (height), our ice water tank bathtubs are large enough for you to sit in with your legs crossed. Suitable for people up to 6’7", our tubs have a greater capacity to help you relax even more

Binding: Personal Care

model number: 123

Details: Description POLAR RECOVERY TUB Our recovery tub will aid in reducing inflammation, mitigating sore muscle onset, and speed up recovery. Built with the highest quality to withstand even the harshest elements, these recovery tubs will quickly become your newest training essential. Maintaining their quality and precision for years to come, these cold water therapy tubs are suitable for many training needs and creates the perfect recovery solution. PERFECT SOLUTION: These recovery bathtubs become the ideal solution for multiple training and relaxation needs. -ice baths therapy -reduce inflammation -speed up recovery -soothe sore muscles -improve breathing technique -increase resilience Tap into the benefits of cold water training and keep your body performing optimally! EASY ASSEMBLY & PORTABLE: We care about your recovery as much as our own! Everythings down to the installation process was designed with intention. Incredibly easy and requiring no tools, our recovery tubs can be assembled in under 3 mins! Built with the highest quality materials, our ice water bathtubs are ultra-easy to set up and will last for years. Additionally, our adult water tubs are fully portable! Weighing under 3kg, our tubs can easily be folded into a flat carrying case for lightweight, effortless transportation.

EAN: 5065010545083

Package Dimensions: 25.0 x 10.0 x 5.0 inches

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