About Us

Welcome to Fumba Superstore, your ultimate online shopping destination in Zanzibar! As the premier online supermarket and retail store, we are proud to offer you the first fully automated shopping experience on the island.

At Fumba Superstore, we believe in providing you with fresh produce at a fair and affordable price. That's why we source our fruits and vegetables locally, so you can trust that they are always fresh and you're supporting local farmers and market vendors with every purchase.

We hand-pick our products daily to ensure quality, and our pick and drop service means you'll never have to worry about receiving old or stale produce. Plus, our goal is to save you time and money on your everyday necessities.

With Fumba Superstore, operated by TZ Digital Company Ltd, you'll enjoy a seamless and convenient shopping experience. Browse our selection today and discover the difference that fresh, locally-sourced produce can make.

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