Gynecologic Cancer: 5 (MD Anderson Cancer Care Series)

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Author: Eifel, Patricia J.

Brand: Springer

Edition: 2006

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 336

Release Date: 02-06-2010

Details: Product Description Gynecologic cancer includes cancer of the female lower genital tract: vagina, vulva, cervix, endometrium, uterus, and ovaries. Gynecologic Cancer is the fourth volume in the M.D. Anderson Cancer Care Series, featuring the current standard approach to gynecologic cancer care from the experts at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Designed for the practicing oncologist, this clinical guidebook allows for quick, authoritative access to the latest and best multimodality therapies. Topics covered in this volume include primary prevention and early detection, preinvasive diseases of female lower genital tract, pathology and imaging of gynecologica malignancies, treatment of vaginal, cervical, endometrial, uterine cancers. Discussions also address fertility-sparing options for treatment of women with gynecologica cancers as well as sexuality in women with gyn malignancies. Each of the 20 chapters ends with an up-to-date list of suggested readings, as well as "key practice points" highlighting the most principles and practices of each chapter for at-a-glance reference. More than 80 illustrations complement the text. This thorough, practical volume is the essential clinical guide for the oncologists, surgeons, and all physicians involved in the care of patients with gynecologic cancer. From the Back Cover The treatment of gynecologic cancers at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center has a long history of multidisciplinary cooperation. Gynecologic Cancer, the fifth volume in the M. D. Anderson Cancer Care Series, details M. D. Anderson’s approach to the care of women with gynecologic cancers. Written for physicians, the book emphasizes the day-to-day aspects of practice, minimizing extensive literature review and approaches not yet incorporated into routine practice. In 17 comprehensive yet concise chapters, M. D. Anderson faculty describe their approaches to the treatment of endometrial, ovarian, and cervical cancers, as well as preinvasive gynecologic diseases, vaginal and vulvar cancers, uterine sarcomas, and rare ovarian malignancies. In addition to the discussions of individual disease sites, the book contains chapters on prevention, pathology, imaging, fertility-sparing options, quality of life issues, including sexual functioning, and palliative care. Each chapter includes a list of suggested readings and key practice points that highlight the most important principles presented. This thorough, practical volume, which includes more than 60 photographs and line drawings, is an essential clinical guide for oncologists, surgeons, and all physicians involved in the care of patients with gynecologic cancers.

EAN: 9780387287942

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Languages: English

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