kuou 10m Kinesiology Tape, Boob Tape, 2x5m Roll of Elastic Muscle Support Tape for Exercise, Sports & Injury Recovery

30,000.00 TZS


Brand: kuou

Color: Nude


  • Premium quality muscle support kinesiology; designed for use while exercising, playing sports or undergoing physiotherapy to aid in the prevention and recovery of injuries. also can be used for women dressing.
  • Designed to reduce muscle swelling and strain on your ligaments by providing support and proprioceptive feedback as well as improving the flow and circulation of blood and lymphatic acids; resulting in faster recovery and better injury prevention.
  • Improve posture and form; ensuring better performance and protection for various key areas of the body including the spine, shoulders, neck, elbows, chest, wrists, hands, knees, and ankles.
  • Long lasting wavelike adhesive is designed to provide the same elasticity and bi-directional stretching as skin so you can move freely without being restricted. The soft, breathable hypoallergenic fabric outer layer ensures unparalleled comfort and flexibility.
  • Easy to remove: Apply baby oil to the tape and leave for 5-10 minutes. Next, slowly pull the tape along the direction of hair growth, while keeping your skin taut. Alternatively follow the same process but use warm soapy water instead of baby oil. Dimensions: 5cm x 5m Roll | Materials: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, Adhesive Layer | Water-Resistant | Easy to Apply.

Binding: Personal Care

Details: Matters Needing Attention Before use, please read the following precautions carefully 1. If the skin is inflamed or wound, please avoid sticking it directly on this part. 2. The scope of application of the intramuscular patch is the skin, if it encounters hair, please avoid it. 3. Before using the muscle support tape, clean the skin surface first. 4. Please use the patch correctly, and do not paste airtight substances on the patch. 5. Avoid contact with water and other materials on the adhesive surface of the sticker, so as not to damage the adhesiveness of the adhesive. 6. Find the correct part, stick the fixed point, and then stick the patch smoothly on the skin in a partial stretching position to cover the corresponding part. For functional muscles, try to complete the taping action within 1~2 times. 7. When removing the tape, you should first soak the kinesiology tape with warm water, pull the stickers with one hand along the direction of the hair, and at the same time gently press the skin with the other hand, and tear them off from top to bottom. 8. Do not repeatedly tear the sticker, so as not to cause skin discomfort. 9. If there is redness during use, please stop using it temporarily.Product DescriptionKinesiology tape Color: BeigeInclude : 5m x 2 Tape

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.3 x 2.3 inches

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