Moulinex Multi Cooker 7.6L 1200W CE777827

624,000.00 TZS


Your brand new solution for delicious meals in no time: With the TURBO CUISINE MAXI Fast Multicooker, Moulinex makes mouth-watering home cooking easier than ever. Whip up delicious, wholesome meals for the entire family with effortless automatic programs from starter to dessert and a pressure cooker mode for perfect results up to 3x faster*. Moulinex's exclusive spherical bowl technology ensures tender and juicy results, with an intuitive single control knob for a user-friendly appliance. (*Up to 3X faster cooking compared to traditional cookware using gas or electric stove)

Enjoy all your favorite meals in no time! Moulinex is a fast multicooker that produces delicious results up to 3x faster*, with a special design for meals that come out perfect every time. Moulinex exclusive spherical bowl offers a larger heating surface with optimal heat diffusion and circulation. The result is tender, juicy results day after day, for all the pleasure of home cooking with none of the hassle. Discover crowd-pleasing family meals from starter to dessert-with one appliance that serves as a pressure cooker, steam cooker, soup maker, and more-all at your fingertips and effortless to master with an intuitive single control knob. Choose from 10 automatic cooking programs plus manual control and experience the difference with the easy-to-use multicooker designed to meet all your cooking needs-for one great kitchen essential that replaces at least seven cooking appliances.


Always delicious results - Tastier, more tender, juicier results thanks to Moulinex's Exclusive Spherical bowl

Automatic cooking that requires no monitoring.

1. Drop your ingredients in the bowl

2. Close the lid

3. Select your program and press start. Your dinner is cooking while you are at other activities: reading, playing with kids or walking your dog? Meals will be ready when you are!

Technical Specifications

  • Recipe booklet: Yes
  • Technology: Standard
  • Control panel: Rotary selector
  • Pressure cooking: Yes
  • Cooking programs: Pressure cook, steam, brown, simmer, slow cook, reheat  
  • Keep warm: Yes
  • Adjustable temperature: Yes
  • Delayed start: Yes
  • DIY Chef setting: Yes
  • Spherical bowl: Yes
  • Removable bowl: Yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Removable Cord: Yes
  • Safety device for overpression: Yes

Fumba Town, Nyamanzi 11K
Same Day Delivery 
Town Area  (Airport Way) 11K
Kiembe samaki
Uwanja wa ndege
Sub Urban(Nungwi Way) 11K
Kwa kisasi
Sub Urban (Paje Way) 11K
Mwana Kwerekwe
Meli 5
East Coast, Zanzibar
Same Day Delivery 50K

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