Nikai Air Fryer 8L w/ Tray 1800w 30 Min Timers Low Oil Fryer Non Stick Basket, Ideal for Meat, Fish & Vegetables NAF877A

487,500.00 TZS



  • 8.0L pot with tray
  • Non-stick coated pot
  • Adjustable temperature 200 ~ 80 degrees
  • Timer up to 30mins
  • Detachable pot
  • Dishwasher safe
  • With new age stirring blade
  • With tempered glass viewing window
  • Over-heating protection
  • Non-slip feet
  • Cool touch handle
  • Power: 1800W

Air Fryer

Nikai 8Ltr Basket Capacity with 8.5Ltr Pot Air Fryer

Cooking without oil is the latest health-conscious move. Nikai Air Fryers are efficient in cooking and prep times. The air fryer has a pot of 8.5 Ltr with an 8 Ltr basket that is non-stick, detachable, and easy to clean. It has a 30 minutes timer function along with an adjustable temperature ranging from 100°-200° Celsius and an overheat protection function to stop heating when it is overheated. The cool-touch handle prevents injuries, anti-slip feet ensure stability, and high-speed air circulation cooks food evenly and faster. It reduces grease/oil in cooking, making your eating habits healthier and cleaner overall. This appliance can be used for - roasting, grilling, and baking.

Well Designed System of Air flow in Air Fryer

Over Heat protector

Over Heat Protector

Comes with an Overheat protection function as it automatically switch-off when reached desired temperature and prevents your food from overcooking and provides peace of mind while using the fryer. It also comes with cool touch handle which allows safe usage.

Over Heat protector

 Mirror View

 Stirring Feature

 Non Stick Detachable Basket

Air Fryer

Air Fryer Air Fryer Air Fryer Air Fryer Air Fryer
Nikai 8Ltr Basket Capacity Air Fryer - NAF877A Nikai 6Ltr Basket Capacity Air Fryer - NAF677A Nikai 7Ltr Basket Capacity Air Fryer - NAF777A Nikai 7Ltr Basket Capacity Air Fryer - NAF779A Nikai 3 Ltr Basket Capacity Air Fryer - NAF2501M
High speed Air Circulation
Detachable Basket & Pot
New Age Stirring Blade
Temperature (deg C) 80 to 200 80 to 200 100 to 200 100 to 200 0-200
Stainless Steel Heating Element

Fumba Town, Nyamanzi 11K
Same Day Delivery 
Town Area  (Airport Way) 11K
Kiembe samaki
Uwanja wa ndege
Sub Urban(Nungwi Way) 11K
Kwa kisasi
Sub Urban (Paje Way) 11K
Mwana Kwerekwe
Meli 5
East Coast, Zanzibar
Same Day Delivery 50K

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