Tefal Cordless Kettle 2400W 1.7L with Removable Anti-scale Filter Stainless Steel KI150D27

143,000.00 TZS


Tefal 2400W Electric Kettle 1.7L - Ki150D27 Silver

Premium Stainless Steel Kettle with Concealed Heating Element

If you want to heat water quickly and effortlessly, the Tefal 2400W Electric Kettle 1.7L is the one to get. Thanks to the concealed heating element, water inside your kettle will reach boiling temperature quickly and will be ready to use in mere minutes. The concealed heating element also ensures you can easily and conveniently clean the jug’s interior.

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Removable Lid, Easy Filling via the Spout

The Tefal 2400W Electric Kettle 1.7L comes with a removable lid with a large opening that guarantees you can easily and effortlessly clean and fill the kettle. This kettle’s spout is big enough for you to easily pour water while eliminating unwanted drip.

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Capacity: 1.7L of Water

Whether you are making a cup of coffee or tea for yourself or have a couple of your friends over, the 1.7 Litter capacity gives you enough space to heat up water to get this done in no time. So less time heating water and preparing your drinks and more time to spend connecting with your friends. Making something to drink, even for a lot of people, will now be done in no time.

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Removable Anti-scale Filter

Thanks to a removable anti-scale filter, you can keep the water you drink clean and safe. You can remove and wash the filter whenever you want to ensure cleaner water at all times. After you are done washing the filter, place back in and enjoy your favorite drink along with peace of mind!


  • Making a hot drink to wake up and to relax just got easier thanks to the Tefal 2400W Electric Kettle 1.7L
  • With the push of a button, you can heat water faster than in a microwave and safer than a stovetop kettle
  • This kettle is easy to use — simply remove the kettle from the electric base for cord-free serving
  • Electric Tefal Kettle: the high-capacity stainless steel kettle that will add modernity and design to your kitchen
  • Handy and convenient: 1.7 L of water for the entire family
  • Kettle with a stainless steel body
  • Concealed heating element : faster heating and easier cleaning 
  • Removable lid  for easy cleaning and filling Removable anti-scale filter for easy cleaning: a well-cleaned filter ensures both a clean kettle and clean water for delicious tea and coffee.
  • 360° rotational base keeps kettle firmly in place
  • 2400 W power: prepare your coffee and tea in no time


  • Power: 2400W
  • Capacity: 1.7 Litres
  • Removable Anti-scale Filter
  • 360˚ Connection Base
  • Hinged Lid (Manual)
  • Inside Water Level Indicator
  • On/off Pilot Light
  • Colour: Stainless Steel

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